LN Credit is characterized by a very simple online form. We show all its secrets and the whole process of taking a minute online at LN Credit! Check out our video and go with us through the CM Finance main product registration form! The institution currently grants commitments up to PLN 6,000. The first loan, in turn, can be borrowed for free for 45 days.  LN Credit

LN Credit is a company owned by CM Finance . It is worth knowing that the company is also the owner of such institutions. Like LN Credit, they are one of the leading players on the loan market.

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LN Credit – details of the offer

LN Credit - details of the offer

LN Credit is a company with Latvian roots, operating on the Polish market since 2013. Currently, the institution has branches throughout Europe. At the beginning of its activity, LN Credit offered fast internet loans up to a maximum of PLN 500. Currently, the amount of the highest possible liability increased up to PLN 6,000. However, it should be remembered that in order to receive it one should be a regular customer of the company.

As you can see, the institution is systematically developing and meets clients with various needs. A free loan of up to PLN 2,500 can be obtained even for 45 days from the date of receipt of the money. It is also worth knowing that the entire loan application process is carried out only electronically. However, customer verification can be carried out using the convenient Instantor service.

When you take out a loan at LN Credit, you do not have to give the purpose for which you intend to spend money. The company also allows you to extend your liability by refinancing the loan.


Conditions for obtaining a loan at LN Credit

Conditions for obtaining a loan at LN Credit

All people aged 21 to 70 who meet the conditions set by the company have the possibility to get a LN Credit commitment. In addition, we must also be citizens of the Republic and have a permanent address of residence in Poland. In turn, we must confirm our identity by means of a personal identity card.

LN Credit will also carry out the verification of our person. This can be done using the Instantor service or a traditional bank transfer for the amount of 1 grosz.

In some cases, LN Credit can also verify the creditworthiness of the customer in the databases of the Credit Information Bureau, the Economic Information Bureau InfoMonitor and in the National Register of Debtors.


What data is needed to register LN Credit?

What data is needed to register LN Credit?

In order to register correctly at LN Credit, we will have to provide your basic personal information. The registration form requires entering a permanent address, PESEL number and identity card, current mobile number, as well as an e-mail address. At the very end, you must additionally specify your source of income.
To register at LN Credit, you will need:

  • current ID card,
  • mobile phone,
  • Bank account.


LN Credit – a loan step by step

LN Credit - a loan step by step

To get a financial commitment at LN Credit, just follow four simple steps. As it was mentioned, the entire application process is carried out exclusively via the Internet.

  1. First of all, go to the LN Credit.pl website
  2. Then, using a convenient slider we have to choose the amount of the loan we are interested in and the planned repayment period.
  3. The next step is to fill out a short registration form and accept the regulations.
  4. In the last place, we must make a verification transfer in the amount of 1 grosz to the loan company’s account or use the Instantor service.

If the registration and requesting for payment process proceeds smoothly, we will receive the money-back to your account a few minutes after positive verification by LN Credit.

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