The problems of excessive indebtedness are problems transversal to all social and economic classes. Although it is a real problem, and increasingly dramatic and notorious, it is important to realize that there is a way to go. There are alternatives and you have to look at the problem and face it.

The suffocation of debts and high financial burdens is not a problem for those who have little money. It is a problem that affects all social classes and the generality of families.


Relieve Family Budget With Credit Renegotiation

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The use of credit was a constant for several years. With falling incomes and raising taxes, financial liabilities became harder to bear. However, know that you can ease your family budget by renegotiating your credit.

The fear that banks have to increase the number of customers who do not pay the installments (default is at levels never before seen) translates into a greater openness to negotiate new conditions.


PARI and PERSI Help Reduce Benefits

In addition, to facilitate renegotiation, legislation was created to protect debtors in difficulty and to force the bank to present measures to prevent or correct default. We talked about the PARI (Action Plan for Default Risk) and the PERSI (Extrajudicial Procedure to Regulate Situations of Default). Get to know them and enjoy your rights.

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It is important to make it clear that renegotiation has associated costs that must be well calculated. You may agree to a lower installment, but be aware that the total cost of the loan may increase significantly. However, the renegotiation may make the difference between paying and not paying the credits. Remember that the alternative to pay is always the cheapest. We all know the consequences of non-compliance.

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